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LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant
2017/5/25 4:58

Which teams will be going home with the Larry O’Brien & Stanley Cup trophies? Mr. Bookmaker not only highlights the NBA & NHL playoffs but also the major soccer matches set to kick off this week.

FIFA U-20 World Cup
2017/5/18 5:08

The finals for this year’s Europa League & Champions League are set. Which teams will be victorious? Mr. Bookmaker covers these match-ups & more in this week’s episode!

Chelsea vs. Tottenham
2017/5/11 6:35

Who will go home as champion as the EPL season comes to a close? Chelsea or Tottenham? Mr. Bookmaker shares his thoughts in this week’s episode!

Real Madrid
2017/5/04 23:07

Who’ll make it to the finals of the UEFA Champions & Europa League? Mr. Bookmaker reveals the odds and more in this week’s episode!

Champions League
2017/4/27 8:37

Who’ll be taking home the hardware in the EPL, CL & Europa League? Mr. Bookmaker shares his thoughts and the odds.