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After hitting the two year mark since the inception of the original Bookmaker Info in Japanese at the beginning of June 2015, we now take this opportunity to celebrate the creation of Bookmaker Info in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese on June 7, 2015. This momentous occasion brings the number of sites that we operate under the Bookmaker Info brand to five.

In continuation with our slogan of “Take your love of sports to the next level!” in English, we will be stretching our wings and are ready for the challenge as we aim to do the same for the billions of Chinese speakers worldwide.

If you have any Chinese-speaking friends who are interested in online sports betting, please spread the word and let them know about our Chinese sister sites. We hope that they will be just as resourceful as our other online properties as we strive to become the #1 resource for online sports betting not only for the Japanese, English, and Spanish-speaking markets, but for the Chinese-speaking market as well.

【Chinese Version Showcased Bookmakers】

William Hill

※ 6 Bookmakers in total

Bookmaker Info Simplified Chinese Version:

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Bookmaker Info Traditional Chinese Version:

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