Viva Bookmaker Info en Español!

Bookmaker Info Spanish Version Launched!

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On the heels of launching Bookmaker Info originally in Japanese in June 2013 and continuing on with our all-encompassing English version in September 2014, we welcome the third installment of the Bookmaker Info brand with the birth of our site in Spanish on April 18, 2015.

Bookmaker Info Spanish Version:

In line with our slogan of “Take your love of sports to the next level!” in English, we have entered the Latin American and Spanish markets with the same vision, appropriately worded “Lleva tu pasión por el deporte al siguiente nivel!”, in mind.

If you have any Spanish-speaking friends who are interested in online sports betting, by all means feel free to let them know about our sister web site as we strive to become the #1 resource for online sports betting not only for the Japanese and English-speaking markets, but for the Spanish-speaking market as well.

【Spanish Version Showcased Bookmakers】

※ 7 Bookmakers in total

Bookmaker Info Spanish Version Logo


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