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Following the successful launch of both our Simplified and Traditional Chinese language version sites on June 7, we at Bookmaker Info have not wasted any time in advancing further into Asia with the launch of our sister Indonesian site on June 8, 2015.

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April 2015 Bookmaker Info – Spanish Version:
June 2015 Bookmaker Info – Chinese Version:
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In carrying on with our slogan of “Take your love of sports to the next level!” in English, we are determined to do the same, fittingly titled “Membawa cinta Anda pada olahraga ke level berikutnya”, for the more than 165 million speakers of Indonesian worldwide.

If you have any Indonesian-speaking friends who are interested in online sports betting, please do not hesitate to let them know about our sister Indonesian site. We expect for it to be just as enlightening as our other online properties as we strive to become the #1 resource for online sports betting not only for the Japanese, English, Spanish, and Chinese-speaking markets, but for the Indonesian-speaking market as well.

【Indonesian Version Showcased Bookmakers】

※ 6 Bookmakers in total

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