How to Open a 188BET Account

(1)Click the logo or link below to access 188BET

188BET Logo

(2)Click on the 9 dots in the upper right-hand corner

After clicking on the 9 dots, a screen similar to the one shown below will appear. Click on “SIGN UP” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to continue.

If the site is not shown in your preferred language, you can change the language by going to the top right-hand corner to select your language of choice.

(3)After clicking “SIGN UP”, the following screen will appear for you to enter your details

When choosing the currency of your account, select the same currency as your payment gateway (we recommend NETELLER and Skrill) to save on transaction fees when depositing into and withdrawing from your 188BET account.

After you’ve entered in all the relevant information, click on “SIGN UP” to complete the creation of your account.

(4)Registration complete

After completing your registration, a screen may appear as shown above asking you to verify your email address.

As is the case with online bookmakers, they have contracted out the flow of deposits and withdrawals to third party payment gateways in order to minimize the associated transaction fees. We have explained in more detail about how to register with two of the most recognized payment gateways in the industry – NETELLER and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) on subsequent pages for your convenience.

※ Note that depending on what country you enter for your residence in the registration form, NETELLER or Skrill deposit/withdrawal methods may not be available for select online bookmakers. In this case, please use a different method for carrying out deposits and withdrawals.

188BET Logo


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