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2020/3/31 16:22

These two clubs are projected to have another stellar season. Will one of these clubs come out on top? Bookmaker 18Bet has the latest odds for pro soccer.

2020/3/26 18:06

Rukinzo FC are playing some terrific football as of late but now face a tough matchup. Can they defy the odds? Bookie 18Bet has the latest odds for the Burundi Premier League.

2020/2/29 0:53

The MLS is back for another season. Which team will be crowned champion in 2020? Bookmaker 10bet has the latest odds for the MLS.

2020/1/17 14:51

The odds are out on the Reds to capture both the EPL & CL titles in 2020. Can they complete the unthinkable?

Juventus 2019 Serie A Champion
2019/6/24 7:37

Will the Old Lady once again conquer Serie A or will an outsider change the landscape of Italian football? Bookie SportsBetting provides the latest wagering lines!