How to Transfer Money from NETELLER to Marathonbet

(1)Log into Marathonbet

You will need a balance of more than US$12/€10 or the equivalent if using another currency in your NETELLER account to transfer it to your Marathonbet account. If you have not deposited US$12/€10 or the equivalent into your NETELLER account, please refer to this page.

If you have more than US$12/€10 or the equivalent in your NETELLER account, click the link below to access Marathonbet.


Marathonbet Login

After entering your Email Address and Password, click the green “>” to continue.

(2)Click the green “Deposit” button in the upper right-hand corner

Marathonbet Deposit

After logging in, next click the “Deposit” button in the upper right-hand corner.

(3)From the deposit methods available, select NETELLER

Marathonbet Deposit

After selecting NETELLER, enter your 12 digit NETELLER Account ID or registered NETELLER email address and 6 digit NETELLER Secure ID. Next, enter the amount that you would like to deposit (should be more than US$12/€10 or the equivalent) followed by your Marathonbet account password. Lastly, click the green “Make Deposit” button to complete your deposit transaction.

Marathonbet Logo

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