How to Install RebelBetting

(1)Download RebelBetting’s free version software

To learn more about RebelBetting, click here to visit their web site.

To download the free version of RebelBetting, click the link below.

RebelBetting Free Version

(2)Follow the steps below to download and install the software

RebelBetting Installation

First download and save the file to your computer.

RebelBetting Installation

RebelBetting Installation

After successfully downloading the file, click “Run” to install the software.

RebelBetting Installation

Click “Next >” to proceed.

RebelBetting Installation

Insert a check to run the software and click “Finish” to complete the installation setup.

RebelBetting Installation Account Registration

After clicking finish, you will be asked to create a username and password followed by entering in your email address. Once done, click “Register & Login” to complete the installation and registration process.

※ About the RebelBetting software

Note that RebelBetting is a Windows software and requires Microsoft Framework .NET version 4.0 or higher. If you’re running Windows 8 you already have this installed. If not, you will be asked to install it during setup.

RebelBetting Logo

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