Looking for Jackpots & Colossus Bets Galore? Betclic is Your Answer

July 12, 2018

Tour de France

Chances are if you’ve followed European soccer, basketball or volleyball in recent years you’ve seen Betclic as a prominent sponsor. That is because Betclic has been the sponsor of seven different soccer clubs, one basketball league and one volleyball club.

There is no maximum deposit limit placed on transactions via NETELLER or Skrill. However, there is a minimum withdrawal limit via NETELLER at US$15,000 and Skill at US$12,000.

Betclic offers ten different betting currencies, including USD, EUR, and GBP, but also available is BRL, CZK, HUF, NOK, PLN, RON and SEK.

Betclic gets it done in the sports betting world, and they have the hardware to back up their site. In 2009 they were the winners of the Offline Marketing Campaign of the Year. Two years later, Betclic found themselves another award as they won French Operator of the Year. These prestigious awards were handed out by eGaming Review.



For most of the reviewed bookmakers, we’ve seen the sports displayed on the left-hand side of their homepage. I really like how Betclic has a drop-down menu at the top of their site that displays all their sports once you hover over a certain sport. I think it looks really clean and is a fresh way to list the sports you’re offering.

Betclic LogoBetclic, unfortunately, doesn’t have the most extensive list of sports available, but there is definitely a good selection of available sports. Of course, the regulars like football, American football, basketball, hockey, and baseball are all a listed option. However, if you want to bet on hockey, you’ll be unable to place wagers on the National Hockey League. It makes sense when you know that Betclic is a leader in European sports, but I think Betclic is missing a huge fan base without offering the world’s largest hockey league. With that being said, they offer some high-end professional leagues from Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

Betclic Sports

Betclic also offers their users the ability for live betting, which is one of the most exhilarating ways to wager. Odds are always changing due to real life occurrences in sports, so when you follow along on the television you can also follow along on Betclic and see how the odds are changing in real time.

European Sports

European Sports

As mentioned, Betclic specializes in European sports. Sports like handball, cycling, Formula 1, rugby and volleyball are all available to be wagered on. Cricket is another sport that would be popular among Betclic’s users. Betlcic also has options to place bets on e-Sports. Video games continue to be one of the world’s highest viewed competitive competitions, so it’s no surprise that Betclic has their foot in the door with eSports. Currently, only League of Legends is available to bet on, but I wouldn’t be shocked if popular games like DOTA 2, Fortnite or Rocket League get added to that list.

Playin’ the Specials

The world continuously looks at President Trump and what the United States are doing, so it makes sense that Betclic would allow their users to place bets on who they think will be the next President of the United States. It has become a popular talking point in the world and is definitely one of the more interesting categories to bet on.

US President Odds

If U.S. politics isn’t your thing, you can also bet on who will star in the next James Bond flick.

Colossus Bets

Looking to take your sports gambling to another level? Well, Betclic offers Colossus Bets, which is pool betting across different sports like basketball, tennis, soccer, football, etc. Players place bets into pools that are typically larger jackpots than what you would normally see betting regularly.

Colossus Bets

Typically you would need to select multiple outcomes in pools for a chance to win or share with other winners.

Live Casino and Poker

Live Casino

If you’re into the casino, live casino and poker, Betclic has a massive amount of games available for their users. Some sites will offer the bare minimum just so they can advertise that they offer games as well as a sportsbook. But in this case, Betclic’s games and casino are legit.

Help Centre

If you’re looking to speak with someone and receive help from Betclic, your best option would be to contact the company through their online chat module. If live-chatting isn’t your thing, you can also send an e-mail and wait for a response. If not, there is a help center with an FAQ that could hopefully help you with the problem you are dealing with. Betclic indicates that their e-mail services are 24/7, but you can expect to wait a full 24 hours for a response.

Contact Us

Looking at the FAQ, it appears there is a large selection of questions that have been answered which may be able to help you faster than sending an e-mail.


Betclic offers promotions for all of their gaming categories and sportsbook. On some days you’ll find promotions regarding different sports like tennis, basketball, etc. Overall it’s great that Betclic has several promotions that will make users want to sign up. Promotions aren’t just exclusive to new signups as current users can also take advantage as well.

Betclic Promotions


I think Betclic is a viable source for sports betting, casino, and gaming. I think Colossus gambling would be incredibly fun and the potential prizes are massive. The sportsbook doesn’t have the most depth I have seen, but if you’re looking for a reliable company that specializes in European sports, your heart should be content.

Betclic offers everything you would need. I like how the sports are displayed on their homepage, and everything has a nice, fresh and clean look. Overall, Betclic will definitely take care of you and your betting needs.

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Looking for Jackpots & Colossus Bets Galore? Betclic is Your Answer
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