Podcast Episode #57: Who are Finals Bound?

In this episode of the Bookmaker Podcast, Art Eftekhari a.k.a. Mr. Bookmaker kicks off the episode by checking in with UK sportsbook William Hillto see what the various lines are for the NHL & NBA playoffs. With only four teams remaining in each sport, we will be see the franchise team in the Vegas Golden Knights do the unthinkable and make it to the NHL playoffs? And what about in the NBA? Will we see the Cavaliers and Warriors duke it out for the fourth straight year in the finals? And even though the playoffs are the main talk, one cannot forget about the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia. Less than one month away, Art visits American player-friendly bookmaker Bovada to see what kinds of wagering specials they have available at present to get you ready for the world’s greatest soccer tournament.

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