Podcast Episode #69: And the Next Pope is…

In this episode of the Bookmaker Podcast, Art Eftekhari a.k.a. Mr. Bookmaker wastes no time in highlighting recent week #1 in the National Football League and the odds on which teams are favored out of the gate to take their respective divisions in the NFC. Can any team replicate what the Cleveland Browns were able to achieve last year going 0-16? Checking in with 888sport, Art shares the odds on exactly that situation to occur. At least we know that the Browns will not be contending for that honor again with their tie last weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers. And to mix things up a little, Mr. Bookmaker re-visits the one and only Paddy Power for specialty bets on who the Irish bookmaker has to ascend to be the next Pope after Pope Francis decides to throw in the towel. Plus who are the front-runners for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize? Does Donald Trump have a legitimate shot? Listen in!

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