Podcast Episode #79: The March Towards Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta Continues!

In this episode of the Bookmaker Podcast, Art Eftekhari a.k.a. Mr. Bookmaker wastes no time in recapping the inaugural UEFA Nations League as the final four are set to decide the tournament’s champion from the likes of Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal and England. Netherlands and Switzerland upset their groups to make it this far but can they work their magic yet again? Mr. Bookmaker chimes in with his thoughts and the odds on that scenario to pan out courtesy of Bet Victor. And from one form of footy to another, Art hones in as we head into the final quarter of the NFL season following the entertaining shootout we witnessed earlier in the week from the Rams and Chiefs. Who are the front runners to take the Super Bowl in Atlanta? Once again Bet Victor provides the insight. And lastly, Paddy Power makes a cameo appearance with their White Christmas market for Canadian cities. Sit back and listen to another episode this week!

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