UFC Fight Night: Moreno vs. Royval 2 | Revenge or Repeat in Mexico?

Brandon Moreno vs. Brandon Royval at UFC Fight Night 237 will see two fighters renewing their rivalry in the Octagon on Saturday night. Seeking another shot at the flyweight crown, former champion Brandon Moreno is set to trade punches with fellow contender Brandon Royval at the Arena CDMX in Mexico City. 

This flyweight showdown between top-ranked Brandon Moreno and No. 3 contender Brandon Royval carries significant weight. The victor is likely to become the front-runner for a title shot in a hotly contested division. Reigning champion Alexandre Pantoja, who dethroned Moreno last July, awaits his next challenger. While Royval fell short in his December title bid against Pantoja, victory here could pave the way for a re-match.

Their first encounter in November 2020 was a thrilling affair, culminating in a dramatic first-round stoppage for Moreno with just one second left on the clock. Both fighters displayed incredible resilience, trading near-finishes throughout the chaotic opening round, before Moreno capitalized on a crucial opportunity to secure victory.

ウィリアムヒルIs revenge on the cards for Royval or is it going to be another hard-fought win for Moreno? We have analysed odds from bookmaker William Hill to determine the potential outcome of this bout in our Brandon Moreno vs. Brandon Royval betting preview. 

※ Current Odds Date & Time: February 22nd, 2:00 P.M. (GMT)

Bookmaker William Hill odds show that Moreno is at 1.33 to repeat his November 2020 feat, while Royval trails behind at 3.30. Walking into this fight, Brandon Royval boasts a solid MMA record of 15-7, with a respectable 5-3 record within the UFC. 

He brings a dynamic striking style, averaging 3.80 significant strikes per minute with a 43% accuracy rate. However, he does absorb a fair amount of punishment, averaging 3.05 strikes per minute with a 45% striking defence. While grappling isn’t his forte, Royval possesses a decent takedown game, averaging 0.43 takedowns every 15 minutes, and keeps up the pressure with 1.5 submission attempts during the same time frame.

※ Current Odds Date & Time: February 22nd, 2:00 P.M. (GMT)

Brandon Moreno brings a more polished record to the cage, boasting 21-7-2 in MMA and a solid 9-4-2 within the UFC. He shares a similar striking style to Royval, averaging 3.80 significant strikes per minute with a 43% accuracy rate. However, Moreno demonstrates better defensive capabilities, absorbing only 3.40 strikes per minute and boasting a more impressive striking defense of 56%. This could prove crucial in weathering Royval’s offensive onslaught.

Even though we are in favour of a Moreno win, this is a win that has the potential to go either way. Given the recent form of both fighters, however, we are more confident that this affair will be decided before going the distance. 

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