Juventus Aims to Continue Remarkable Serie A Run in 2020!

Juventus 2019 Serie A Champion

As clubs in the Italian Serie A league prepare for another season, it appears as if the road to a league title will go through Juventus.

SportsBetting LogoJuventus has won the past eight league titles and has won 35 titles overall. It will be incredibly hard to dethrone the current champions especially since the most successful team in Italy has Cristiano Ronaldo as its leader. The top club seems to be not growing tired of winning the league, which should be scary for its opponents.

Italy Serie A Championship Odds※ Current Odds Date & Time: June 23rd, 7:00 p.m. (EST)

Online bookmaker SportsBetting has Juventus listed at -200 to repeat as champions for 2019-20 season.

Cristiano Ronaldo

If we’ve learned anything as football fans, it’s that a championship is not guaranteed for any team. While Juventus is the clear cut favorite ahead of the season opener, there are other top clubs looking to bring it all home.

Inter Milan could be a team that could potentially take the spot atop the mountain this season. They are tied for second in league history with 18 championships. Inter Milan was the last team to win the Serie A championship before Juventus started their unprecedented run.

Napoli is another top team listed with a real chance at winning this season. Napoli is searching for their first championship since 1990. After years of consistent football, could their dry-spell end in 2020? Football fans are hoping that Carlo Ancelotti can improve off their run of last season when he first joined the club.

Napoli FC

Other teams down the line that could potentially provide some upsets but are heavy underdogs are the likes of AC Milan, Roma, Atalanta and Lazio. From there, bookmaker Sportsbetting is pretty much confirming that the remaining teams in the league will be no threat to Juventus’ crown.

Can the unthinkable happen this season or will Juventus add another championship in 2020?

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