Can Bad News Bears Compete With MIBR?

Bad News Bears & Peeker's Advantage through to NA Minor closed ...

It’s hard not to talk about CS:GO and the road to Rio.

eSports fans all over the world are tuning into the qualifying rounds. With many top teams participating and looking to book their ticket during the first qualifying event of 2020, all eyes are on CS:GO and ESL One.

※ Current Odds Date & Time: April 29th, 11:00 A.M. (EST)

Online bookmaker NetBet has MIBR at -295 on the Money Line.

Zews leaves MIBR CSGO team as Dead comes in as replacement
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Tonight will showcase two teams trying to move up the leaderboards as Bad News Bears battle it out against MIBR.

It’s certainly been a slow start for the Bears. Opening the tournament with a record of 0-2, they need to pick up a win fast if they want to reach the playoffs. With only three spots open for each Group, any slip-up could be costly.

As for MIBR, they opened the qualifying tournament with a convincing 2-0 series win over Yeah Gaming. However, they would drop to 1-1 after being shutout by Team Liquid.

MIBR have been on another level in recent competition. They finished second at Flashpoint Season 1 (S-Tier Tournament) while picking up huge wins against top teams in tournament play. MIBR have been on a roll as of late so it’s not a shocker they are the favorites in tonight’s contest.

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Bad News Bears recently flexed their muscles in a B-Tier tournament. However, they have not placed well at an A-Tier tournament before, so this may be above the pay grade for Bad News Bears right now.

MIBR has the experience and talent level over Bad News Bears entering tonight’s game. In what is virtually a must-win game for the Bears, they will have their backs against the wall in this competition.

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