Alvarez vs. Munguia Predictions and Odds | Could An Upset Await?

Mexican boxing stars Canelo Alvarez and Jaime Munguia will clash for all four super-middleweight titles on Saturday night. Alvarez makes his eagerly awaited return to the ring after a six-month layoff at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. He faces the undefeated Munguia, who’s yet to face an opponent of Alvarez’s calibre. Can Munguia stun the world and keep his invincible run intact? Read on for the best Alvarez vs. Munguia predictions. 

Alvarez vs. Munguia Predictions

Ahead of Canelo Alvarez’s return to the ring against fellow countryman Jaime Munguia, here’s a look at how we expect this bout to unfold.

Munguia to Win 

A Munguia victory would be a seismic upset, but the attractive odds on the underdog make this fight intriguing. While Canelo’s abilities are undeniable, he is not getting any younger. Also, recent controversies likeavoiding the fight with David Benavidez and the ongoing feud with Oscar de la Hoya could potentially throw a spanner in the works for him.

There’s been talk of Alvarez taking easier fights as his career winds down, but overlooking Munguia would be a grave error. The 43-0 fighter is just 27 years old and his recent TKO victory over John Ryder shows he’s a real challenge, even if he doesn’t have Canelo’s celebrity status.

While Munguia’s pre-Ryder opponents weren’t top-tier, he aced the first serious test of his career, and his potential seems limitless. Therefore, we believe the Tijuana man can win this fight. 

Alvarez vs. Munguia Odds

Fight Under 10.5

If Munguia does manage to get the better of Alvarez, chances are his jabs will win the fight for him. Alvarez showed his vulnerabilities against jabs in his fights against Floyd Mayweather and Sergey Kovalev. While Munguia is nowhere near the quality of those two fighters yet, he can trouble the 33-year-old still. 

Even if Munguia fails to beat Alvarez, as we predicted, the fight is unlikely to go the distance. Munguia has faced criticism for his questionable boxing IQ, so he might struggle to last against the relentless Alvarez. For this reason, the last of our Alvarez vs. Munguia predictions is the fight to finish under 10.5 rounds. 

Alvarez vs. Munguia Odds

Pinnacle LogoThe Alvarez vs. Munguia odds heavily favour a Canelo Alvarez victory. Bookmaker Pinnacle offers odds of 1.18 for Alvarez retaining his belt, while Munguia’s win is a long shot at 4.94. The fight is also backed to go the distance, with odds of just 1.38 for it going over 10.5 rounds, compared to 3.10 for the fight lasting under 10.5 rounds.

Alvarez vs. Munguia Odds
※ Current Odds Date & Time: April 30th, 12:00 P.M. (GMT)

Canelo Alvarez will step into the ring as the absolute favourite in this tie, but we believe Munguia will score the biggest win of his career to date and reward his backers handsomely. 

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