Toronto and Boston Meet in Crucial Game 4

Celtics lose 104-103 on last-second Raptors shot; series now at 2-1

The ability to release a shot in less than half a second is the reason Toronto is down 2-1 currently, rather than 3-0.

During game three, OG Anunonby drilled a three-point shot with no-time on the clock to secure the victory in favor of the defending NBA champions. His ability to catch and release before the final buzzer has allowed Toronto the opportunity to tie the series tonight against the Boston Celtics.

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The Celtics' defense is shutting down the Raptors' 3-point shooting. This is exactly what they want - The Boston Globe

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Expect the Celtics to come out strong tonight. After scoring what seemed like the game-winning basket late, they let up on the gas enough to give Toronto the victory.

Toronto’s defense has been excellent in this series. Limiting the high-octane of the Celtics’ offense, Nick Nurse’s defensive schemes have been implemented beautifully. Boston scored 113.6 points per 100 possessions during the regular season. against the Raptors, the Celtics are scoring 107.4 points per 100 possessions.

Boston’s field-goal percentage is dropping every game. Peaking at 59.1% in game 1, the Celtics shot 52.4% in game 3.

One of the biggest reasons for Boston’s drop in shooting percentage is shot selection. They are not receiving the same looks as they did in game 1. Toronto has adjusted correctly to Boston’s offensive game plan, which means the Celtics need a new plan entering game 4.

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Boston torched the Raptors with their three-point shooting. Game 2 was ultimately decided by the Celtics’ efficiency when shooting beyond the arc. It will be interesting to see if Boston goes back to the well during game 4.

This game is arguably the most important in the series. Will Boston improve to 3-1, or will the Raps tie this series up?

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