Podcast Episode #37: Who’s Going to Be Crowned the King of College Football?

In this episode of the Bookmaker Podcast, Art Eftekhari a.k.a. Mr. Bookmaker hones in on the College Football Playoff to crown the newest champion of the NCAA. Checking in with US-friendly sportsbook BetOnline, Art highlights the current lines put out by the oddsmakers to get your New Year’s started off on the right foot. And from the future pros to the pros themselves, it’s time for the conclusion to the 2017-18 NFL season as week #17 rolls into town. With some playoff teams on the bubble, it will for sure be an entertaining final week. Mr. Bookmaker references another US-focused sportsbook in Top Bet for this week’s action. And for a slew of novelty bets, it’s back to check the offerings put out by Irish bookie Paddy Power. Art shares a few that would interest a European football fan or two.

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